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New Album Project!

After a 10 year hiatus, it’s great to be back making music again. The idea for this EP came about a few years ago while my family and I were still living in Texas. Someone I had gone to college with started a facebook group celebrating our 20 year reunion. All the posts and memories inspired me to imagine what it might sound like making music like we did in college where I first began my music career. What has changed? What has stayed the same, how have we all gotten to where we are. In exploring these questions I started to feel really optimistic about the future and that no matter what we’ve been through in the ups and downs of life, nothing is wasted, no part of our story is irrelevant, and our Best Days are Ahead because all our stories are part of the bigger story of God’s love for us. To me, this project is a throwback to my very first days of making music and at the same time a hopeful look around at where we are right now. The story’s not over and nothing is wasted.


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