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New Album, "Writing to Remember"

It’s been an incredible thing to look back over the past 14 years of making

music and remember the experiences, the friendships, the amazing musicians

and artists I’ve been blessed to work with while creating the songs that are on this album. I could never thank each one of you enough for pouring into my life and believing in me all these years. Each album, each tour, each season that these songs represent has included a unique cast of travellers, seemingly put together by chance, but always finding a deeper meaning and purpose while collaborating and discovering that we all have something to teach and something to learn. My deepest thanks to

you all!

I want to thank God for an enduring vision and a love that captured my heart

so long ago and continues to put a song of praise on my lips and in my soul.

To my family, friends, and fans who encourage me to dream about the next 14 years of making music, I humbly thank you.

To my wife, Hannah, and daughter, Ava, you will never know how much you both mean to me. Thank you for such an amazing 4 years of marriage and 1 year of being a daddy. My heart is full. I love you!


"Writing to Remember" - Matt's new 'best of' album features 14 songs from over the 14 years that Matt has been a solo recording artist. You can purchase the album and all the tracks digitally at iTunes and Amazon, etc. To purchase a physical copy go to the Store page.

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